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Family Visa

This visa represents a temporary authorization that allows you to enter the country for a fixed period and is usually issued by the local authorities. Regular family visas do not typically grant permanent residency. Still, if you have close relatives overseas, such as a spouse or children, you may also be able to apply for that.

Parent Visa

In order to apply for a Parent visa, applicants need to have an eligible child/children that is either an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. Australian immigration under this family visa category must be sponsored by the child residing in this country.

Working and aged parents can apply for Australian parent visas. An immigration candidate who takes up this visa option might be able to find employment in Australia. The initial parental visas offered are temporary settlement visas that can be converted into permanent ones based on your application. A 'Contributory Parent Visa' is available, which ensures quicker immigration processing at a higher cost.

The Australian immigration authorities only issue a limited number of Parent Visas annually. The result is a queue of applications waiting to be processed.

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Partner Category Visa

Those who qualify for this class can immigrate to Australia for settlement with their spouse or fiance/fiancee. Immigrants with this visa can initially settle in this country for a limited time before becoming permanent residents after a few years. Partner categories include the following:

  • Married couples or spouses
  • A fiance or fiancee, or a partner planning to marry.
  • A willing partner, including one of the same gender
  • The partner of an immigrant must be Australia's permanent resident.
  • Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Child Visa

Child Visas are also divided into several subcategories, just like Parent Visa. The parent who sponsors a child visa must be permanently settled in Australia, an Australian citizen, or an Australian citizen who qualifies as a New Zealand citizen.

As a permanent resident in Australia, a dependent child, or an orphaned relative, the child could immigrate. An offshore candidate who is a dependent child, an adopted child, or an orphaned relative may obtain a dependent child visa.

Other Family Members

In addition, a temporary visa may also be issued to siblings, dependent relatives, and guardians who may later change it to a permanent visa. The following persons can sponsor a family visa in Australia: they must be Australian citizens, residents, or eligible citizens of New Zealand.

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