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Understanding Work Hours Calculation for Student Visas

04th July 2023 | SuccessVisa

Welcome to SuccessVisa with Amit! In this informative video, Amit addresses the concerns of students who are unsure about which types of work can be counted towards the 48-hour limit per fortnight on their student visas. The main focus of this video is to examine whether volunteer work can be considered. It also sheds light on how hours are calculated for Uber and taxi drivers. If you have any doubts or confusion this video will help you with the clarification you need!

In the first instance, work is defined as an activity that is usually remunerated. Let's consider a scenario where you work in a restaurant with a rostered shift from nine to five, including an unpaid one-hour break. In this case, you only need to count seven hours towards the 48-hour limit per fortnight.

Moving on to Uber, taxi drivers, or any rideshare service, your working hours start as soon as you clock in, regardless of receiving requests or payments. For example, if you clock in at 9 AM and clock out at 12 PM without any actual payments or requests, those three hours are still counted towards the 48-hour limit.


Now, let's discuss a common situation involving warehouse work. If your pay slip states 24 hours per fortnight but in reality, you only worked 15 hours due to taking nine hours of leave, you can provide a medical certificate to prove your actual working hours. In this case, only the verified 15 hours would be counted towards the limit.

Furthermore, volunteer work must meet three minimum requirements to be considered as such.

- Your main motive should be to study.

- There must be no available Australian resident to perform the work.

- The work must be for a non-profit organization, without any monetary compensation or gifts received in return.

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