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Support for international education sector

21st June 2022 | SuccessVisa Parramatta NSW

Support for international education sector

International Education Sector Support

As international borders reopen, the Morrison Government introduced more targeted measures to support international education.

For international education providers most affected by COVID-19, more than $37 million funds made available.

These funds included regulatory fee waivers and additional grants.

Furthermore, the changes to visa settings will allow international students to return to Australia with more flexibility.

Alan Tudge, the Minister of Education and Youth, said the announcement would accelerate the COVID-19 recovery process.

"This will help ensure the rapid return of international students," Tudge said.

"It offers clear incentives for institutions and students and ensures that students are not disadvantaged because they are prevented from coming to Australia earlier"

The plan provides clear incentives for institutions and students as well as ensuring they are not disadvantaged by not being able to come to Australia earlier".

The extension of the Innovation Grant will benefit English language providers, which have been particularly hard hit by COVID."

According to the latest data (as of August 2021), international student enrolments are down 17 percent overall when compared to August 2019, but for the ELICOS sector enrolments have declined by 71 percent.

Changes to visa settings for international education have given students some much needed flexibility, according to Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs Alex Hawke. He further added In the international education sector, changes to visa settings have given students some much needed relief.

The changes are not only aimed at supporting international students, but also at aiding our economic recovery and retaining skilled workers.