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Record-High Visa Rejections Impact International Students

22nd April 2024 | SuccessVisa

Record-High Visa Rejections Impact International Students


In a recent report, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that universities in Australia are experiencing record rejections of visa applications.This has led to significant changes in the application processes for prospective international students, particularly from high-risk countries like India and Nepal. Key developments include:

Selective Blocking by Universities

Major universities, including a prominent Group of Eight institution, are now blocking or limiting applications from countries with high rates of visa refusals to align with federal government migration policies.

Specific Criteria for Applicants

Universities such as Adelaide University have implemented age and previous visa refusal constraints for Indian applicants. Certain programs and student demographics, like married students over a certain age from India and Nepal, are facing additional restrictions.

Impact on Program Offerings

Institutions like Central Queensland University and Edith Cowan University have stopped offering specific courses, such as English language programs, to students from the affected countries.

Challenges for Smaller Institutions

Smaller and regional universities are disproportionately impacted by the new visa processing rules, complicating their efforts to attract international students.

Government Strategy and University Risk Levels

Updates in university risk rankings by the federal government are directly affecting the recruitment of foreign students, with some universities moving to higher risk levels which complicates their intake processes.

Advocacy for Policy Review

There is a strong call from within the academic community for the government to reconsider the current provider-risk based model to ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of Australia’s higher education sector.


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(Source: Newspaper article from Sydney Morning Herald)