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No More Visa after Subclass 485 & 600

12th June 2024 | SuccessVisa

No More Visa after Subclass 485 & 600

Ending Visa Hopping in Australia: Key Updates and What They Mean for You

In a significant move to ensure the integrity of Australia’s migration system, the Albanese Government has announced new measures to end 'visa hopping'. These measures are designed to close loopholes that allow temporary visa holders, including international students, to extend their stay indefinitely.

Key Changes Effective 1 July

  1. Visitor Visa Restrictions:
    • Visitor visa holders will no longer be able to apply for student visas while onshore. This change addresses the increasing number of applications (over 36,000 from July 2023 to May 2024) exploiting the pathway from visitor to student visa.
  2. Temporary Graduate Visa Changes:
    • Holders of Temporary Graduate Visas will also be unable to apply for student visas onshore. This aims to encourage graduates to seek skilled employment or depart the country, rather than prolonging their stay through continuous study.

These measures complement existing policies aimed at restoring integrity to the international student system, such as the Genuine Student requirement and restrictions on work rights for students.

Impact on International Students and Graduates

These changes are expected to reduce net overseas migration significantly, with the government on track to halve net overseas migration by the next financial year. For international students and graduates, it means a clearer pathway: find skilled jobs and transition to permanent residency or return home.

Why These Changes?

The Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security, Clare O’Neil, emphasized the need for a strategic migration system that delivers necessary skills without exploiting loopholes. The government’s goal is to build a smaller, better-planned migration system that benefits Australia.

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