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EA - now GTI nominating organization

21st June 2022 | SuccessVisa Parramatta NSW

EA - now GTI nominating organization

Known as the Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program, the Global Talent Visa Program is the faster path to permanent residency for highly skilled professionals working and living in Australia. It is administered by Australian Department of Home Affairs under the Distinguished Talent Visa.

The GTI Program is aimed at attracting the strongest global talent to work in future-oriented sectors that will help grow Australia's innovation and tech industries.The peak body for engineers is Engineers Australia, which advances the science and practice of Engineering that benefits the community.The International Mobility Agreements with Engineers Australia enable members to live and work in more than 120 countries, establishing Engineers Australia as a global leader in engineering.


The Department of Home Affairs has identified a list of priority sectors.Engineering Australia may consider nominating candidates who have demonstrated a high level of engineering skill in one of the following sectors:

Resources: Mining, petroleum, chemical, and plant engineers are examples of engineering occupations in this industry sector.

Agri-food and AgTech: Agricultural engineers and materials engineers are some examples of engineering occupations under this sector.

Energy: This target sector includes occupations such as electrical engineers and geotechnical engineers.

Health Industries: biomedical engineers and their specializations are examples of engineering occupations under this sector's target.

Defence, advanced manufacturing and space: Among the engineering occupations included in this sector are aeronautical engineers and their specialisations, naval architects, electronics, transport, production, and mechanical engineers.

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