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Dynamic Couple from Lehragaga Achieve Milestones in Education and Migration Services

15th November 2023 | SuccessVisa

Dynamic Couple from Lehragaga Achieve Milestones in Education and Migration Services

In a remarkable achievement, Mr. Amit Kansal, CEO of SuccessVisa, and Mrs. Palak Gupta, Director of SuccessVisa, have made history by becoming the first Registered Migration Agent and Registered Marriage Celebrant, respectively, in Lehragaga, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab.

Mr. Amit Kansal's journey began in 2016 when he ventured to Australia as an international student to pursue a Master of IT at Western Sydney University, Sydney. Transitioning from a student to a permanent resident in 2020, Amit's dedication led him to a career in IT. However, driven by his passion for Australian Migration law, he furthered his studies, completing a Graduate Diploma. His commitment culminated in the successful clearance of the Capstone exam in 2023, making him the sole Migration Agent in Lehragaga.

Mrs. Palak Gupta, on the other hand, embarked on her Australian journey in 2019, pursuing a Master of IT at Charles Sturt University, Sydney. After completing her degree, she married Mr. Amit Kansal and subsequently joined SuccessVisa as the Director. Fueled by her commitment to relationship management, Mrs. Palak Gupta persevered for 1.5 years, overcoming challenges and hard work to attain the title of Registered Marriage Celebrant in 2023.

SuccessVisa, an esteemed Australia Education & Migration consultancy, boasts a head office in Sydney, Australia, with branches strategically located in Lehragaga, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab, and Kurukshetra, Haryana. This power couple's achievements mark a significant milestone for the community, bringing unparalleled expertise and services to the region.

The notable achievement of Amit and Palak is underscored by the distinguished presence of Parramatta city's esteemed Mayor, Sameer Pandey, who graciously attended the inauguration ceremony of SuccessVisa's latest office in Parramatta.