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Want to Change Course in Australia

01st July 2023 | SuccessVisa

Hey everyone, Amit here from SuccessVisa! In this informative video, we'll be discussing the process of changing courses in Australia for international students. Many students often feel confused or anxious about changing their course, worrying about potential visa refusals or cancellations. If you're currently pursuing a master's degree, let's clarify the course change requirements.

Changing Course After Six Months(Master to Higher Sector) 

If you're considering changing your course within the master's degree or to a higher sector after completing at least six months of your current program, you should generally be fine. However, please note that if you plan to change to a lower-level sector, you must apply for a new student visa. Your current visa won't cover the transition to a lower-level course.

Changing Courses Before 6 Months

In the case of changing courses before completing six months, you will need to apply for a release letter from your current institution. This applies to both master's and bachelor's degrees. For bachelor's degree holders who have completed six months, you have the flexibility to pursue a diploma course while keeping your future options open for completing your bachelor's degree later or transitioning to a higher sector like a graduate diploma.


Understanding Refusals And Cancellations

It's essential to differentiate between visa refusals and cancellations. A visa cancellation occurs when you already hold a visa, while visa refusal happens when you apply for a new visa. If you're planning to change courses and need to apply for a new visa, be aware of the potential outcomes.

Changing from Master's to Trade Course in the VET Sector

A common question we receive is what happens if a student holding a master's degree applies for a new visa to study a trade course in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. If your new visa application is approved, it will overlap your current visa. However, if the new visa application is refused, your current visa will remain active.

For more detailed information and personalized guidance, feel free to contact us or visit our nearest branch. We are here to assist you throughout the course change process, ensuring a smooth transition to your desired program in Australia.

If you're an international student planning to change your course in Australia or have any related questions, make sure to watch our comprehensive video guide.